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It's been a hectic couple of weeks. the weather, which has been grey and stormy and cold, did absolutely nothing to help. First of all, my laptop got infected with spyware. Again. I'd never realized how attached I was to the Internet until I started suffering from withdrawal symptoms in the middle of class. Pah.

For Valentine's Day I sent a handmade card to my mother, and went on a group Laser Tag date with my boyfriend and another couple. for those of you who don't know what Laser Tag is, it's where they strap you into a vest with sensors attached to the front, back and shoulders. You're given a laser gun that shoots (duh) lasers, and you score points depending on where you hit another player's sensors. (That sounded dirty...)

Because Laser Tag is, surprisingly, NOT the venue of choice for most couples on Valentine's Day, my group found ourselves alone in the LaserQuest building except for a birthday party full of fifteen or so elementary-school kids. Okay, I though, so we'll be facing off against these guys. No problem. I'll just go easy on them and everyone will have fun, right?

Dear god, it was like Lord of the Flies on crack.

These kids knew flanking maneuvers, okay. It was like being stalked through a glow-in-the-dark jungle by fifteen little Rambos. They had a point man and a rear guard and sentries. Since my boyfriend was the tallest person in the room, the little Devil-Children aimed for him first. We never had a chance. These children made me feel fear.

When the game was over, the score stood as thus: My team, 200 points. The little Devil-Children, 290 points.

The future of my country's military is in safe hands. Thank the entertainment industry for the slew of violent war games, Uncle Sam.

I am never playing Laser Tag again.


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