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Ahaha look at the Wordle I made for my Fallen Leaves application for Maito Gai. IT HURTS ME.

Wordle: Fallen Leaves Maito Gai Application
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So I guess I've gotta get all the fanfiction I've been writing down so I have a master list.

1. We Were Never Children, a Naruto Fallen Leaves Universe backstory for Katsuko and her genin team, going right from their first day as a genin team all the way up to the deadly ambush.

2. Warrior Queens and Cranky Unicorns, a Twelve Kingdoms fanfic involving Yoko Nakajima and Keiki.

3. An as of yet unnamed fic for LJ community naruto_404 with my character Komatsu Akira

All of these stories will be finished and posted by the end of summer, or I will go kick a cute fluffy animal. I swear it.

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In return for some drawings of Katsuko, my Fallen Leaves character, I offered to write Suz some fic. Her prompts were "Katsuko and Hayate, mission, blood or chicken feathers, sneezing at a horribly bad moment."


So, here it is. Katsuko Hayate goodness. )


Jan. 6th, 2009 08:57 pm
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NOW. *stamps foot*

Ahahaha. Anyways~ Fallen Leaves eats my life (what else is new), I owe Drel porn (again, nothing new), and horror of horrors: I'm being nibbled at by a Kakashi/Baki plot bunny.

Make it stop.
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Am recovered from my Week of Hell, thank goodness. *breathes sigh of relief* Work's all in, gifts and loans all squared away. Am off the hook for buying lots of x-mas presents, though, seeing as I'm dead broke. ^^;

Ah, well. Such is life.

Just hanging out now, getting back into routine. Tag writing, with some occasional real life in between
Listening to all the music recommendations on Fallen Leaves <3.
The lyrics in The Fray song suit Kakashi, but I don't know about the tune. Too wangsty emo and not enough fight music. >.>

I was a little slow in karate today. Not nearly as fast and strong as I'd like to be. T__T But then again, maybe it's because everyone there is three times my 125 pound 5 foot 5 inch frame.
...Nah. It was probably because I was tired.
Still, it's always a viscerally satisfying feeling when I can flip a 200(okay fine 185) pound dude onto the mat like SPLAT. *blissful grin* So much stress relief.

Unless they sit on me. Then I just die.

Also, apple sauce. It is my new favorite food. *EATS*
A new obsession, if you will.


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