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Went to calling hours for Henry on Wednesday.

I...don't feel necessarily better, but calmer, now.

I got a chance to talk to his father and his family. Henry had a lot of friends, and at the very least I'm glad to see that so many people cared for him.
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a little boy i knew was struck and killed by a car a week ago.

i didn't even know until today.

i saw the article in the local paper. he was still in high school. my old high school.

i used to see him all the time around town. walking, walking, walking, always walking. his mother worked at my university. she had died of cancer a few years back so he always acted sort of odd.

but he was constant. at the same time every day, i'd see him on the same street walking with his little plastic backpack and his pants too short ending at his ankles. hair unkempt, striding down the sidewalk like he had places to go and people to see.

i used to make fun of that. funny kid, with his too-short khakis and baggy plaid shirts. but he was smart. he was going places. he had a group of friends and he knew what he wanted.

then he died.

i'm still in shock right now. i don't know what to do. it's hitting my brother hard, too. the kid was in his math class. but he's handling it better than i am, right now.

he was too young.

rest in peace, henry. i hope you found your mom, and you're in a better place. wherever that is.


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