Dec. 11th, 2010 04:06 pm
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Finals are slowly eating away at my soul, corroding the few shiny pieces of sanity I have left. I have one final paper left to go. Just ten pages of this burning, blistering, festering hell-on-earth, and I am home free. FREEE. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I stayed up till 5 am last night (today? eh) getting my second-to-last paper done, and woke up at around 1 pm today. When I did so, my feelings were as thus:

However! I've signed up for a Theater in England seminar, which starts the day after Christmas and goes on for two weeks--during that time, my classmates and I will be seeing 21 plays in the glorious city of London! So I have that to look forward to. Now I just have to get to London on an airplane in one piece, and not accidentally end up in Hawaii or South Africa. (You think I am joking, but this is an honest concern. I have been known to get lost in the strangest, most pathetic sorts of instances).

Anyways! Ten pages, with breaks in between to update owed logs and tags! YAYSCHOOLREADYSETGO
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I woke up this morning and there was an assload of snow all over the goddamn place. My windows absorb the cold so by the time I woke up my lips were already blue. But wait! It gets better!

As I open the door and start to run to class, I fall in a huge snow bank that literally came up to my ass. My friends saw me and helped me up after laughing hysterically for five minutes straight.

...But then I got hot chocolate.

So it's all okay now. :)


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