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So two days ago I attended sparring class at the dojo. It was going pretty well, like all sparring classes do--I punched people a lot, people punched me a lot, I accidentally cracked one of the dojo mirrors and covered it up with duct tape and hoped no one noticed--when the Bad Thing happened.

Cut for descriptions of Ash injuring herself/other people injuring Ash in a possibly comical manner )
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Am recovered from my Week of Hell, thank goodness. *breathes sigh of relief* Work's all in, gifts and loans all squared away. Am off the hook for buying lots of x-mas presents, though, seeing as I'm dead broke. ^^;

Ah, well. Such is life.

Just hanging out now, getting back into routine. Tag writing, with some occasional real life in between
Listening to all the music recommendations on Fallen Leaves <3.
The lyrics in The Fray song suit Kakashi, but I don't know about the tune. Too wangsty emo and not enough fight music. >.>

I was a little slow in karate today. Not nearly as fast and strong as I'd like to be. T__T But then again, maybe it's because everyone there is three times my 125 pound 5 foot 5 inch frame.
...Nah. It was probably because I was tired.
Still, it's always a viscerally satisfying feeling when I can flip a 200(okay fine 185) pound dude onto the mat like SPLAT. *blissful grin* So much stress relief.

Unless they sit on me. Then I just die.

Also, apple sauce. It is my new favorite food. *EATS*
A new obsession, if you will.
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So I'm a caterer/server/coathanger/babysitter at various holiday parties, and I've got one coming up for this Friday.

It's on the same day as my sparring class.

Go to work and get paid, and so be able to eat for the next week? Or go to the godsend sparring class where I can take out my frustration on my obliging fellow students, who happily help me fill my daily needed dose of violence?


...Well, what else are friends for, if not to free-load meals off of?
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I've been taking Isshin-Ryu Karate since I was nine years old. *stares blankly at the ten year mark*
It's something that's become an integral part of me. The techniques, the kata, the way every move you make feels like you're holding back some unstoppable force--That's not something I don't ever want to lose.
The teachers and students at my dojo have come and gone, but the ones who stayed have become a second family to me. The head sensei is like an absentminded uncle, the younger female senseis like my aunts and older sisters, and the older male students are like...well....punching bags. What hurts the dojo hurts me.
My college crew team's fall season ends in a week. Usually, around this time I'd plunge right back into the dojo, teaching classes and learning some new black belt katas.
Recently there's been some trouble. As a nonprofit dojo with impossibly impeccably high standards, we don't much business anyways. Now we've gotten into a slump. Classes are empty, people are involved with their own thing, and the head sensei? Well he's getting old and even more absentminded.
Now it hurts to go back. Everything's old and run-down and dark and empty. One of the younger female senseis has taken on all the classes, along with her own workload.
I don't know what to do.


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