Feb. 7th, 2011

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Today was pretty much a wash. I woke up at around 12 pm, having gone to bed at 4 am the night (morning?) before, and futzed around on the computer for two hours before realizing that a.) I had Linguistics class at 2 pm and b.) I had no pants on.

Cue frenzied search for pants.

After staggering in to Linguistics class (five minutes early! I even had time to find a seat I liked!) I sat through an hour-and-a-half lecture about the International Phonetic Alphabet; the notes I took consisted of a drawing of a giraffe smoking a cigar and an anatomically incorrect rendering of a nude picture I'd found on 4chan.

Midway through the lecture my stomach reminded me I hadn't eaten by growling loudly and inappropriately in five-minute intervals. The girl who was sitting next to me alternated between shooting me amused looks and giggling whenever this happened.

After Linguistics class I wandered back over to the bookstore and tried to return a textbook for a class that I'd dropped a couple of days ago. The bookstore clerk gave me an unimpressed stare when I told him I'd lost the receipt for the textbook; after a minute or so of my most pathetic puppy-dog eyes, though, he relented and said he'd accept the return if I submitted a copy of the purchase from my credit history along with my Add/Drop slip within the week. Triumphant, I returned to the dorms to search for my credit history online…

And then realized that I'd forgotten my online bank account password. After frantically going through my files and almost completely trashing my side of the room, I was forced to conclude that I'd need to call the bank to reset my net password. I called the bank and…

Found out it was closed for the day.

Cue punching of wall.

Ever resilient, I resolved to not let this complete clusterfuck of incompetence ruin my day; I went with my friends down to the dining hall and went to work out at the gym afterwards. After running and working on the weights for an hour-and-a-half, I was walking down the stairs to the lockers when I looked through a window and saw…

People practicing karate!

Excitedly, I ran in to the room and asked if they'd let me sit in on their class. The sensei, a nice graduate student called Kate, allowed me to participate. I got to kick and punch to my heart's content for an hour, after which I happily exchanged phone numbers with some of the other students. It was then that I realized that I'd been at the gym for three hours and it was snowing outside.



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