Jan. 16th, 2011

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Early yesterday morning one of my friends was involved in a fight in one of the frat houses that ended up with him being fatally injured. His name was released to the public at 1 pm yesterday and a service was held for him in the University's Interfaith Chapel at 6 pm.

Rest in peace, Jeffrey. You were smart and funny and kind; no one was beneath your notice--there wasn't a trace of arrogance in you, though you had the right to be. You had two scholarships to study abroad, you were on the track and field team, and you had grand plans for the future. You would have changed the world, and I would have been proud to have said that I knew you when you appeared on the front page of Times. I stole your hat once and wore it all class, just because I could--you smiled and laughed at me. I wanted more time with you--everyone who met you did. You drew people in. You weren't afraid to laugh at yourself, and none of your jokes ever held any sting.

You sat behind me in debate class--one desk to the left, diagonally. You talked with me in person and online; you weren't afraid to talk with anybody you felt like, no matter what your friends said or thought. I will miss you every day, and you will always be in my thoughts.


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